Board Members

Conservation Chair: Jessica Pratt (

OCSCB President Jessica Pratt

Jessica is a community ecologist broadly interested in research and education in the applied fields of conservation biology and restoration ecology. Currently, she is a lecturer in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at UC Irvine and teach courses in the campus-wide minor in Global Sustainability!

She has been a dedicated researcher and educator in the fields of ecology and conservation since 2003 and has been working and living in Southern California since 2005. She has conducted research on animal behavior, tropical bird foraging ecology, the conservation value of tropical agricultural ecosystems, the dynamics of butterfly species range shifts in response to climate change, and most recently for her Ph.D., the effects of plant species responses to environmental change on associated animal communities. Her teaching experience spans middle school up to the university level and she has taught courses ranging from genetics to conservation biology.

President: Greg Vose (

Greg is a graduate student at UC Irvine studying plant ecology. His area of academic focus and research are plant traits linked to physiological processes. He eventually aims for his research to be leveraged for land management and conservation decisions. Greg is a native San Franciscan and has developed a holistic background working as a landscaper, a garden and science educator in public schools, and an English language teacher in the Bay Area. He looks forward to getting involved in and helping to foster a community around Orange County conservation issues.

Media and Communications: Evelyn Valdez-Ward

Evelyn is a graduate student in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of California, Irvine. Her research focuses on the effects of climate change, i.e. drought, on the interactions between plants and their associated soil-microbes. Evelyn aims to use her research to contribute to a mechanistic understanding of the mechanisms underlying plant-soil microbe interactions, as well as provide predictive power in studies of anthropogenic environmental changes.

Secretary: John Powers (

John is a graduate student at UCI studying the evolution of floral scent that mediates plant-pollinator interactions.

Events Coordinator: Jordan Croy (

Jordan is a graduate student at the University of California Irvine studying the community ecology of plant-arthropod interactions. His research focuses on the role of plant defense strategies in structuring arthropod communities and the birds that feed on them. Ultimately, Jordan hopes to advance ecological theory and improve restoration practices in Southern California.

Treasurer: Kendra Walters (

Kendra is a graduate student in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of California - Irvine. She is largely interested in community diversity and assembly processes of microorganisms (bacteria, mostly) in the habitats all over the world. Over her career, Kendra aims to help develop ecological theory for microorganisms as a complement to current theory for plants and animals to achieve a holistic understanding of the world.

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